Fire Safety Science Consulting and Fire Protection Engineering

Fire Safety Science Consulting

In 2005, there were 1,602,000 fires reported in the United States. These fires caused 3,675 civilian deaths, 17,925 civilian injuries, 87 firefighter deaths, and $10.7 billion in property damage (National Fire Protection Association).

The Fire Cause Analysis fire safety consultants provide their services to prevent such staggering statistics by working with developers and designers to increase preventative safety as well as following an event to determine what breakdown(s) of safety may have occurred so that such failures can be avoided in the future.

Case Studies

Our scientists and engineers have assessed critical fire safety issues in dozens of complex situations. The following are typical examples.

  • Retrofit of a high rise residential complex in Hawaii with state-of-the-art fire detection equipment to address the owner's concerns about high rise fire danger
  • Evaluation of performance and possible damage to fire sprinkler systems under various scenarios including post earthquake conditions
  • Evaluation of the fire-event egress required in a state certified school building
  • Evaluation of fire safety issues related to critical thermal insulation assemblies used to construct the Keck I and II [world's largest] reflecting telescopes (Mauna Kee, Hawaii)
  • Assessment of possible underground fire scenarios at a major municipality's solid waste disposal site under an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandate
  • Assessment of probable fire scenarios at a Superfund wood treatment site
  • Assessment of fire safety levels in light and heavy rail rapid transit vehicles for car manufacturers and municipal agencies
  • Assessment of critical factors in a failed pumping/piping system for an international airport fuel farm facility involved in a major fire

Fire Protection Engineering

Fire Protection Engineering is the multidisciplinary study of fire science based on scientific and mathematic principles and rooted in other engineering fields. Fire Cause Analysis provides such services to evaluate design and failures of fire protection systems and their physical components.

Case Studies

  • A residential fire in which the building owner did not comply with the applicable fire code and resultantly the fire destroyed the building and all of its contents.
  • A restaurant fire in which the installed fire protection system failed to extinguish the fire. Several parties become involved in such a fire including the building owner, cooking appliance manufacturer, professional cleaners, fire protection system manufacturer, and the fire protection system installer.
  • An improperly installed sprinkler system failed to extinguish a relatively small fire before it grew to devastating size.
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