Graphics and Visual Technology

Is a picture worth more than a thousand words? When discovery or trial is prolonged due to the inability to communicate technically complex information, it can cost more than just time<97>it can cost early settlement, or even affect the ultimate outcome of a case. Studies show that people are significantly more likely to remain attentive and retain information that is presented visually. FCA's graphics and visual technology unit works with the legal team to create clear, concise, visual illustrations to support the litigation strategy and make a point quickly and cost effectively.

Benefits from our graphics solutions:

Our artists, engineers, computer technicians, and designers know how to produce effective and admissible evidence ranging from simple drawings to computerized, photo realistic animations. This experience allows us to:
  • Clarify case issues
  • Communicate complex ideas quickly and clearly
  • Capture the attention of jurors
  • Distill hours of sophisticated technical analysis into concise visual images
  • Help clients settle favorably or prevail at trial
  • Convert technical data into sharp visual images
  • Place viewer at eye witness locations
  • Recreate accident or loss scenes
  • Get instant access to images using digital technology

Graphics Solutions

  • Courtroom Graphics
  • Computer Animations/Visualizations
  • 3D Modeling
  • Terrain Modeling
  • Videotape Services
  • Presentation Consulting
  • Laser Disc Technology
Zak Bilbeisi - Graphic Artist, Architectural Designer