We offer consulting services nationwide and internationally. We have various offices located in California & Arizona. Our corporate headquarters is in Berkeley, California.

Fire Cause Analysis Facilities

Evidence Storage

Our building includes a large warehouse used for storing a variety of evidence collected during investigations. We are able to store most items ranging in size from small bits of wiring to items as large as electric cars. Our warehouse facility ultimately allows us to preserve the integrity of the evidence while having excellent accessibility commonly lacking in off-site storage.


In addition to a working laboratory, Fire Cause Analysis has the necessary tools to provide a wide range of flammability, mechanical, fire protection, electrical and metallurgical testing in our facilities. Fire Cause Analysis has the tools to perform different types of analyses on various systems, appliances, vehicles, machineries and other products. Additionally, computational data acquisition systems are often used in our analyses.

X-ray Imaging, SEM, and others

Fire Cause Analysis has the ability to provide in-house and on-site digital x-ray services through the use of a portable x-ray machine. This tool allows the FCA engineering team to perform more work nondestructively. FCA also works closely with respected forensic and analytical companies and laboratories that are capable of providing FCA clients volatile chemical and vehicle fluid analyses, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), and various other tests. Our engineering team is experienced in directing and analyzing the methods and results of such testing.

Conference Room and Classrom

Our main office includes both a conference room and a classroom that serve our meeting and educational needs. Both of these rooms are equipped with multimedia and video-conferencing capabilities. In addition, the classroom is set up with cameras for internet participation.